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Chand Sharma

Priya's creativity makes learning art fun. The artwork she teaches is very unique and beautiful. She incorporates new techniques and styles in each and every artwork to keep the student's engaged. My daughter has learned and improved a lot from her art classes. I would definitely recommend her classes for all age groups.

Hari Yendamuri

My daughter has started her classes with Priya 3 years ago and she continues to do so as she likes them very much. I find that the art classes are helping my daughter to relax and have fun from busy school activities. I believe these non-academic extra curricular activities are helping my daughter indirectly to do better in regular school classes.


If you are thinking whether to do it or not, my only suggestion is: just do it and do not think twice and help your kid to grow all around.  

Shree Muralidaran

Mrs. Priya is very friendly and highly creative. Each one of her classes is different, unique, and very fun. She is always teaching innovative techniques that challenges me, motivates me and lets me explore my creativity. I enjoy doing my art every week and it is my biggest stress reliever. I never thought I’d learn so much so quickly!

Purvi Yvas

Priya is very knowledgeable in her art. I was always amazed by the interest she shows to acquire more knowledge and more detailing in each work. She is very hard working and her enthusiasm towards her art and goals makes her focused and dedicated. She has great patience to make anybody comfortable in the art. All the very best Priya!

Ruchika Sethi

My daughter, Adya, started learning art from Priya at an impressionable age of 6 years. Priya is a very skilled and artistic teacher blended with a warm and caring personality. We live about 15 miles away from her but we continue to drive every week to her studio because she brings out the best in Adya, both as an art student and an individual. Over there past 3 years she has taught various art and color techniques to students and she allows them to learn at their own pace. 


Above is a picture of Adya with her latest creation. Priya has used coffee as the medium to make this art work. 


Priya's love for art is very contagious and she encourages each student to believe that they are an artist in their own right. 


Snigdha Nelluta

Art...the one things that there's no set rules or regulations for. Using your inner-most creativity to create beautiful works is what its all about. Now, with Mrs. Priya, this fun subject gets a little more exciting! This stress-free time helps eager students learn even more about their own hidden creativity. Mrs. Priya devotes her time to enjoy with and teach the kids. She doesn't just merely teach how to paint or draw in a friendly manner, but how to truly unleash your artistic talents and be yourself. Mrs. Priya encourages every thoughtful idea and guides students to the correct path of growing and succeeding. Art honestly aids in giving relief to your muscles and ongoing tensions, and nothing, I say nothing can top Mrs. Priya's innovative, motherly, problem-solving qualities. Remember, no mistake cannot be fixed and every child has his/her own time to shine! 

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