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The Joy of Creating Art..


A journey that is relaxing as well as fulfilling. I don't believe in going by the book. Art to me, must have an element of letting go, going into abandon and giving a free run to your creativity, and only then the innermost creativity in you heart finds an outward expression. Balance - define boundaries, allow freedom. 


It's been a slow and gradual journey for me. Having a big passion for art was not enough. I decided I just had to share my creativity with others. 


My name is Priya Mehta and I am a self taught artist and an educator. I am a mother of two beautiful girls ages 19 and 15, who absolutely rule my world and a wife to a supportive husband that truly allows me to pursue my passion for arts and creativity. I can sit in my little room for hours trying to come up with new ideas and lesson plans that I can teach my students and share with the world. 

All About Me 

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